Updated Traditions for Weddings

As each partnership is different, so too can be the weddings of today. Some wedding customs, like the "something blue for the bride" practice, can be a fun way to add splashes of color to your wedding attire, but other customs might not be as much fun to include. It's essential to look at typical wedding customs when planning your special day and pick the ones that enhance harmony, happiness, or heritage.

Numerous wedding customs have cultural roots and can give your celebrations a feeling of your family's past. Other customs, however, might have their roots in myths or beliefs that don't sit well with you or your significant other. Because they are customary at many weddings, some older customs or ones that simply don't appeal to you and your future partner shouldn't be included. New customs, however, can enrich the significance of your unique day.

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In the end, the bridal customs you choose to follow are particular to you and your spouse. You might have a preference among these old customs, while you might prefer to modernize some of the others. We're presenting 11 well-liked modernized wedding customs.


1. A Surprise Engagement Ring

Modern Tradition: Couples Select Rings Together

Engagement bands are customarily bought as a surprise by the person who is proposing. This indicates that the wearer doesn't choose the band; rather, it is bought for them. Some couples today are choosing to modernize this bridal custom by selecting rings together, such as couples rings or rings with complementary designs. Before popping the question, many brides and grooms choose to share their ideal ring designs with their significant others. This makes it simple for the person proposing to select the ideal men's engagement band or women's ring design for their beloved.

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2. Not Interacting Prior to the Ceremony

Modern Tradition: First Impressions

Before the wedding ceremony, some societies consider it unlucky for couples to see one another. But this custom has been modified in modern times. Some couples decide to take part in the first look, a unique moment where they see each other for the first time in their wedding day attire just before the ceremony. Many wedding photographers capture this endearing moment so that the couples will always recall it.

3. There are Only Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in the Wedding Party.

Modern Tradition: Asking Loved Ones of All Genders to Participate 

The best method to feel supported on your wedding day is to stand by the side of your closest friends. Bridesmaids or groomsmen typically follow couples, with women accompanying brides and men accompanying grooms. Invite your closest pals, of any gender, to be by your side on your special day as an update to this age-old wedding custom. This is a wonderful method to host a party that is open to everyone and makes the happy couple feel loved and supported. We have bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, and engraved gifts that are ideal for everyone in your bridal party.

4. Giving the Bride Away

Updated Modern Tradition: Maintaining the Classic Walk, Walking Down the Aisle Together, or Involving More Than One Parent

Depending on the couple and their preferences, updating this wedding custom can take various forms. Some couples choose to merely walk down the aisle together or separately with their parents. Another way to modernize this custom is to request that your officiant ask who is presenting the couple to be married during the service rather than just asking who is giving the bride away. This update keeps the lovely symbolism of fathers walking their girls down the aisle, allowing them to continue doing so.

5. Dressing in Customary Wedding Attire
Modern Tradition: Wearing What the Couple Finds Practical

Some partners look forward to having a formal wedding, while others might prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Even though you've chosen your engagement bands, you might still be unsure of what to wear on the big day. Despite the continued popularity of classic white dresses and suits, many couples are choosing to add their own unique touches to their bridal attire. Wear whatever suits you, your companion, and the occasion. For instance, if your wedding is on a quiet shore, you might decide to wear your favorite sneakers with a knee-length dress.

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 Make sure your wedding dress code represents your personal attire preferences if you and your partner prefer to dress more casually so that guests feel at ease. 

6. Veil-Wearing Brides

Updated Custom: Brides Wearing Whatever They Like

One of the most enduring bridal customs is the wearing of veils. Many women today select the veil or coverings that most closely reflect their culture, spiritual beliefs, and individual style. Some women choose to wear only small coverings, while others choose to wear no veil at all. Veils are a personal choice that should represent the bride's preferences, just like the attire a couple decides to wear.

7. Wedding Cakes 

Modern Traditions: Dessert Tables, Cakes Other Than Dessert, and More

Although cutting into a wedding cake can be a delicious way to honor a marriage, some couples are choosing to do things differently. Consider dessert buffets, donut pyramids, cupcakes with artistic decorations, cake pops, or even cheese wheels. Some partners choose to have two wedding cakes, one with a traditional design and the other with a less conventional design. It all comes down to picking the cake interpretation that works best for you and your companion.

 8. Traditional Wedding Registries

Modern Tradition: Signing Up for What's Required

Many couples find that conventional wedding registries are helpful, but some are registering for gifts that might be more useful to them. This can involve requesting for cash gifts, non-home goods, or money for a honeymoon. Focus on asking for things that will be meaningful to you as a pair and reasonable for your guests when creating your registry.

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9. Bouquet Tosses and Garter Belts

Modern Custom: Anniversary Dance

Some people view the garter belt and bouquet throw as archaic wedding customs that they do not want to take place at their wedding. Fortunately, there are modernized versions of these customs that can still include your wedding attendees. A modernized custom that can involve your guests without hurling anything at them is an anniversary dance.

Married couples among your guests are welcomed to the dance floor for the anniversary dance, also referred to as a bouquet dance. Couples who have been married for five years or less are asked to exit the dance floor after a few minutes of dancing. then, within ten years. Until the longest-married couple is the only one left on the floor, this proceeds gradually in increasing numbers. The arrangement is then presented to them as a symbol of happy, long-lasting unions.


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10. Family Members and the Wedding Party's Remarks

Modern Tradition: Orders for Speeches or Non-Mandatory Speeches

Speeches at wedding receptions can ruin the fun for guests who don't like being in the limelight because there are so many celebratory moments. Instead of forcing speeches to be given in a particular order or at all, think about what will best suit the flow of your ceremony. Some couples choose to deliver their own speeches, while others choose to simply discuss the best speech customs with their families and bridal party in advance.

11. On the Way to the Honeymoon as Soon as the Reception is Over

Modern Tradition: Take Your Honeymoon When It's Best for You

Some couples find it thrilling to leave for their vacation right after exchanging rings and celebrating with family and friends, but others choose to delay their honeymoon until after their wedding. Do not feel obligated to take your vacation immediately; instead, choose the time that will work best for you and your spouse.

Bonus Tradition: Classic Wedding Ceremonies

Updated Tradition: Whatever Works for the Couple

Many couples find the traditional wedding ceremony to be the perfect match, but not all couples are suitable for a ceremony and reception combination. A courthouse wedding, a tiny backyard wedding, an elopement, or unusual combinations fusing several wedding styles are among the options some couples select. The ideal fit is one that both you and your companion can live with.

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Choosing Your Traditions

A festival of your love should take place at your wedding rather than an interpretation of dated or outmoded customs that mean nothing to you, your spouse, or your family. The traditions you choose for your wedding should best reflect you, your spouse, and your individual love story. When deciding which wedding customs to adopt, keep in mind your own cultural traditions and familial history. It's simple to have a wedding that feels genuine to you and your spouse thanks to these modernized interpretations of many old traditions.