Custom Design

When it comes to making Jewelry, You can depend on Tivoli Jewelers we have been Making Jewelry for 35 Years. There are a few essential steps to follow. The first step is we gather your materials This may contain parts of Family Heirlooms and pieces That have deep meaning. This also includes, Gemstones, Diamonds , clasps, Locks and any other items necessary for your design. Next, we need to decide on a design for your piece, sketching out your ideas or creating them in CAD  and refining them until you're happy with the final concept.

Once you are happy with your design, it's time to start creating. This typically involves casting, shaping metal wire into loops and other shapes, and using a Torch and High Tech Lasers to attach clasps and other components. As we work, we make sure to take our time and pay attention to the details, ensuring that each component is secure and that your finished piece is both beautiful and functional.

Whether you're creating jewelry for yourself or for a gift, there's no denying the satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful and unique.With a little patience and some creativity, We can help you create the piece of your dreams.

One-on-one consultation
Bring photos, sketches, ideas, or wishes, and our designers will work with you to transform your dreams into a reality. We love to make pieces unique to everyone who comes through our doors.

At Tivoli Jewelers, you can see your design come to life before your eyes in three dimensions, using the latest CAD (computer-aided design) software. You become the designer as you zoom in, out, and rotate your piece to see and fine-tune all details of the piece you created that we will make perfect just for you.

One of the questions we get asked most is if we can take old or out-of-date jewelry and make it into something new. The answer is YES! Simply bring in all the jewelry that you no longer wear, and we will work with you to design a brand-new piece that compliments your individual style. Hold onto the memories and sentimental value of your jewelry while seeing your treasures in a whole new light!

Your final design is cast in gold, platinum or another metal of your choice. The rough casting(s) are meticulously cleaned and polished. Connecting or other integrating components are created by hand where necessary and gemstones are set. A final polish and deep clean are done to maximize the brilliance, shine, and texture which brings out the beauty and perfection of the details.

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Request a Quote

Receive a complimentary quote based on your design concept, precious metal, gemstones, and ring sizes.


Our jewelry designers will take your ideas, drawing and images and work together with you to create a design concept. Our staff of GIA Graduate Gemologists can help you select the perfect conflict-free diamonds and sapphires for your design.

Cad/Wax Models

Once your design concept has been finalized and an order placed, we will create a wax or computerized (CAD) model which displays multi-angled renderings of your piece. Images and your wax or CAD model will be sent for you to approve or request modifications to your design.

Approval & finished piece

Upon your final approval, our production team will cast your design in the recycled precious metal of your choice. Your gemstones are meticulously by our expert craftsmen. Your beautifully finished piece is thoroughly inspected by our Quality Assurance team.