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14 Karat Yellow Gold Trinacria Charm Large

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Fourteen Karat Yellow Gold Trinacria Charm, LG No Bezel.   25mm without bail

Crafted with precision and artistry, this pendant showcases the iconic Trinacria symbol in 14k Yellow  gold. , you will find the Triskelion motif,  and two wings, while the mesmerizing Medusa head takes center stage . it strikes the perfect balance between boldness and intricacy.


The Trinacria, also known as the Triskelion, is an age-old symbol of Sicily, representing the island's triangular shape and three capes. It is a symbol steeped in history, tracing its roots back to the neolithic era and bearing resemblance to Archimedean spirals, paying homage to Sicily's renowned native, Archimedes.

The Medusa head, borrowed from Greek mythology and passed down through Roman and Italian culture, serves as a protective amulet against malevolent forces. Its evolution from a grotesque figure to a more beautiful yet still potent guardian reflects the enduring spirit of Sicilian culture.


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What Our Customers say about us


This place is amazing! They know their stuff. I've been going here since young with my mom and started off my own collection with my wedding band. Joe is great and treats me and my family like gold. I usually see Jenny but Marge is amazing too and helped me and my girls pick out their first little jewelry. Go here.

Leah Scholl
Brooklyn, NY

Tivoli is the best! I went in tonight with a weird repair request on my beloved but not fancy necklace and they fixed it on the spot (and very well priced.) They also cleaned my engagement ring which hasn’t looked this good since my husband was on one knee… thanks Margie and Jen??? Sweetest ladies! Made my night.

Ariel Willmott
Williamsburg, NY

Terrific service! Jenny is fantastic. Super helpful and even wrapped my gifts according to the colors of the jewelry so I can remember which box had what in it! Wide selection. Came in around the holidays to pick up some Christmas gifts and the owner gave me a bottle of their own wine as well!

Joseph Posner

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